On Tuesday, Apple upgraded their site to show official Lightning-to-USB Camera Adapter support for iPhones. This implies it’s official that it stretches out past backing for iPads, and now for iPhones.

Moreover, the Lightning-to-USB Camera Adapter has a sticker price of $29, and underpins each iPhone model from the 5 through the new 6s and 6s Plus. Besides, iPad similarity extends from the first Retina iPad the distance to the new iPad Pro.

In addition, when iPhones got support, the organization didn’t talk about this element until today on their online store. Mac additionally reported around the same time that a Lightning-to-SD Card Camera Reader likewise conveys USB 3.0 rates when joined with the new iPad Pro.

Adding iPhone backing to camera frill is said to be an affirmation to bigger screens and storage room, which makes iPhones more pragmatic for putting away photographs, especially while voyaging and going out.