Apple iPhone Repair

Apple iPhone Repair Service can get your iPhone fixed by Team of professional technicians at low cost, All repairs carried out are completed using High grade parts with at least six months of warrnty just for piece of mind. All you have to do is call and book an appointment for your broken Apple Device to be fixed.

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Apple iPhone Repair

Apple iPad Repair Service is best place to get your broken iPhone fixed Same Day or while you wait by experienced technicians, All you have to do is call on the number provided to make an appointment so it can be processed as quickly as possible or visit the Contact Us page for locating your nearest repair centre and More information.

iPhone Repair service not only include screen repairs but almost all sorts of faults that can happen with your Apple iPad, List of Some repair are as followed

  • Apple iPhone Digitizer Replacement

  • Apple iPhone Glass Replacement

  • Apple iPhone LCD Screen Replacement

  • Apple iPhone Home Button Replacement

  • Apple iPhone Power button Replacement

  • Apple iPhone Volume Replacement

  • Apple iPhone WiFi Replacement

  • Apple iPhone Broken Display Connector Replacement

  • Apple iPhone Charging Port Replacement

  • Apple iPhone No Power

  • Apple iPhone Battery Replacement

  • Apple iPhone Update Problems

  • Apple iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

  • Apple iPhone Loud Speaker Replacement

  • Apple iPhone Microphone Replacement

  • Apple iPhone Ear Speaker Replacement

  • Apple iPhone Camera Replacement

Call us for more information in case your iPhone Fault is not listed above.

Apple iPhone Repair Service

Apple iPhone Repair Services is Available for Following Models

All Apple iPhone repairs undertaken are completed on High Standards by Professional Technicians using High Quality parts, unlike any local street shop will not put all the screws and shields back but we fix your iPhone right for the first time to avoid any future faults due to poorly carried out repair and we take full responsibility for the repair completed for at least six months as we’re fixing Apple iPhone’s for since the first generation.


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F A Q ‘ S

Q. How much Apple iPhone screen repair cost ?

A. Apple iPhone Screen Replacement cost depends on model, Apple iPhone Screen repair starts from £25.

Q. Can broken iPhone Glass be replaced?

A. No, replacing glass can be cost effective and time consuming so we don’t recommend because iPhone Screens come with lcd panel, digitizer and glass.

Q. Whats the Turn Around Time for Apple iPhone screen repair ?

A. Turnaround time for Apple iPhone is under 30 minutes and can be performed while you wait.

Q. iPhone no power what can be the cause?

A. There can be many reasons for iphone not turning on most common is broken charging port which can easily be replaced.

Q. My iPhone speakers make crackling nose, what can be the cause?

A. one of the reasons cud be damaged speakers which we can replace in a short amount of time.

Q. Apple iPhone Home button stopped working?

A. Apple iPhone Home buttons can stop working due to dust or liquid damage, we can fix home button on almost all iphone models.

Q. My Apple iPhone not connecting to wifi even if it does with a low signal?

A. Wifi card for your apple iphone is going faulty and needs replacement, if not fixed it can cause your battery to drain quickly then expected and can effect your over all iphone performance.